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This accredited training is aimed at those people, whom have responsibility for completing applications for any of the various forms of activity under the legislation.

The applicant is a fundamental and crucial role as this is the person who needs to be able to present the facts in such a manner that it will allow the authorising officer to be able to authorise the activity

The aim of our training is to enable participants to appreciate covert CHIS and/or surveillance activity and complete the requisite application forms in accordance with current legislation and policy and good practice.

We offer 2 different levels of Applicant training:
• A core-skills course and
• An advanced skills course.

The training can reflect the activity that you need it to from Directed Surveillance, Intrusive Surveillance, Property Interference or C.H.I.S. Also as the threshold for surveillance can easily be reached when conducting online research or investigation then our training can also be tailored to cover this important issue or we can deliver a specific course aimed at online investigators or researchers to ensure that they stay on the right side of the law.

Through completing the advanced skills course, you can work towards a formal qualification as an Applicant so you can demonstrate that you are qualified for this crucial role, if you are challenged.

Don't forget, we also offer courses in:
Applying for Intrusive Surveillance,
Applying for Property Interference,
Applying for Undercover Activity,
Applying for use & conduct of a CHIS.

So whatever your RIPA training needs contact us now....
RIPA (or RIPSA) Applicant Training
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"I was sceptical about coming on this course but I was really impressed. The trainer kept my attention throughout and it really has given me the confidence to submit applications for RIPA activity. I would not hesitate in recommending this course..." 

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