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If you are involved in any form of investigation then you could quite easily find yourself being called to give evidence at a court or tribunal (or sadly, even at an inquest). Are you prepared for this? Most people aren't and the prospect fills them with dread. This course is absolutely essential if you are likely to give evidence at a formal hearing.

Do you want to know what will happen when you are called as a witness?
What sort of questioning will you be subjected to?
What are the tactics employed by the defence lawyers to undermine you, let alone your evidence?

Well this one-day course can really get you prepared for giving evidence. It doesn't matter if you have never given evidence before or if you have given evidence dozens of times, this course really prepares you for the whole experience and you get the 'inside-track'.

Topics covered include:
Identify the key personnel in court and their respective roles
An explanation of court terminology
Identifying the role of the witness in court
The key steps in a court case
Using verbal and non-verbal communication skills when giving evidence
When to seek advice and support from others.

This training is completely interactive and is geared to make sure that you feel confident when required to give evidence at a formal hearing.
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"I wish I had had this training years ago. I have given evidence on numerous occasions and I can see now that I approached it all wrong. I now know exactly what to do next time. Thank you!"

Detective Constable
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